Catwalk Platinum Salon Performs Threading in Bondi Junction

There are many popular forms of hair removal. Shaving, plucking, waxing, and electrolysis to name a few. Many people are not aware that Catwalk Platinum Salon performs threading in Bondi Junction.


Threading is an ancient Asian technique where you twist a piece of thread around the hair on a portion of the face which removes the hair at the follicle. It is generally only performed on the face and can very precisely remove hair and is more effective and less uncomfortable than say plucking each hair to shape eyebrows.


Catwalk Platinum Salon has packages that include threading of the eyebrow, the lip, chin, and full face. Most salons do not perform threading in Bondi Junction as it takes lots of time for a technician to learn how to perform this technique properly. Improperly performed, threading can merely break off the individual hairs, rather than removing them.


At Catwalk Platinum, our threading technicians have been properly trained and have lots of experience with threading. We believe that once you have tried threading in Bondi Junction at our salon, you will quickly recognise that this technique is a fast and efficient way to remove unwanted hair from those areas of your face. You will no longer be forced to endure the individual plucking of each hair, but rather can have many hairs removed with one twist of the thread.


If you would like more information about threading in Bondi Junction, visit our website at or call our salon at (02) 8095 8000.

Hair Removal


Large Areas : Upper legs, lower arm, upper chest, stomach, upper back, lower back


Small Areas : Brazilian (not including back), bikini, extended bikini, underarms, full face, front of neck, back of neck, feet, toes, toes, hands, snail trail, lip, chin.