Catwalk Platinum Hair Salon in Bondi Provides Great Service with a Family Feel

Catwalk Platinum hair salon offers great hair design in a warm environment. We are not a cold, hard, edgy salon with all that fashion magazine attitude, but rather a family salon where there is plenty of natural light and a friendly way about it.


We have over thirty-five years of experience and provide high-quality services to men and women. Whether you are looking for a hair salon in Bondi for your regular cut and colour, or you’re looking to make arrangements to have your hair and makeup done for a special day such as a wedding, Catwalk Platinum hair salon in Bondi will make you look as radiant as you feel.

When you see how great you look and feel, you will not miss those cold dark salons with all that snooty attitude. You also will not miss their snooty prices and the way the stylists look down their noses at you if you dare to tell them how to cut your hair.

At Catwalk Platinum hair salon in Bondi, our stylists will discuss options and want you to feel terrific about your look, not apprehensive about whether your hair and makeup are too edgy to chaperone the elementary school field trip tomorrow. You want your look to be stylish and easy to maintain. We understand the difference between styling your hair and makeup for that special occasion and what you need for everyday life. We can give you that great hairstyle that will not take hours to prepare every morning when you are trying to get the kids off to school and to work on time.