The Formula for Selecting the Right Bondi Hairdresser

You are trying to choose the right Bondi hairdresser but don’t know where to start. We suggest that you identify those attributes that are important to you first and then make the decision.


If a salon in a shopping and business hub just fifteen minutes from the city and the beach sounds good to you, then Catwalk Platinum hair salon in Bondi Junction may be the right choice for you.


Are you looking for an edgy salon with lots of cold hard attitude or a friendly family friendly place with a “chill” and inviting attitude? If you are looking for the former, then Catwalk Platinum is not the right Bondi hairdresser for you. However, if friendly and “chill” is your thing, then Catwalk will be right up your alley.


Are you looking for a salon that uses environmentally responsible products or do you enjoy having that chemical smell for a few days after you visit your Bondi hairdresser? Catwalk Platinum uses environmentally responsible products from socially responsible providers without resorting to premium prices. You shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to get great hair products.


Do you want a hair design that will be difficult to style on your own each day, or are you looking for a salon that believes hair should be fun and easy? Catwalk Platinum believes that hair can be stylish, and with some thought put into the design, it doesn’t have to be difficult to look great.


After evaluating these considerations, the formula for your successful Bondi hairdresser adds up to Catwalk Platinum.