Bondi Hair Salons Can Get Great Results with Environmentally Friendly Products

At Catwalk Platinum hair salon, we have searched far and wide to provide you with environmentally friendly products at reasonable prices. Many salons offer green lines of products, but they come with premium prices.


We have found products that actually work that are both environmentally and socially responsible. A hair and beauty salon doesn’t have to have all the chemicals and odour of a toxic waste site, like some other Bondi hair salons. At the same time, every product does not have to cost a fortune by being certified free of any particular element or compound by one of the big pharma companies.


We have done our research on the products and companies that produce the products we use and sell, and we are very comfortable doing business with them based on their corporate ethos and manufacturing process. You want a fun, easy hair style, not a chemistry lesson at your Bondi hair salon!


Catwalk Platinum hair salon is a full-service salon. We provide haircuts and styling for men and women. We also do hair colouring. We provide makeup services and expert hair removal. We provide these services with a smile in a warm, friendly setting. We strive to provide the most welcoming and most comfortable environment of all the Bondi hair salons. Couple that with how great you will feel about your style when you leave our salon, and you will wonder why you ever went to any other Bondi hair salon.