Hair Removal


Large Areas : Upper legs, lower arm, upper chest, stomach, upper back, lower back


Small Areas : Brazilian (not including back), bikini, extended bikini, underarms, full face, front of neck, back of neck, feet, toes, toes, hands, snail trail, lip, chin.



 Microdermabrasion : A non-invasive treatment, using crystals and LED lighting to exfoliate and rejuvinate skin.


Deluxe Facial : 70 Min, cleanse, exfoliate, steam, extraction, hydrating serum massage and mask.


Traditional Facial : 60 Min, cleanse, exfoliate, steam, massage and mask.


Deep Cleansing Facial : 45 Min, cleanse, exfoliate, steam, extraction and mask.


Express Facial : 30 Min, cleanse, exfoliate, mask.




Mon, Wed, Fri      

Tues, Thurs          


Sunday Closed

9am -  5:30pm

9am - 8pm

8:30am - 4pm

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